Finisar is recognized as the worldwide leader in Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL) manufacturing and technology and continues to lead the commercial application of VCSELs with over 150 million VCSELs shipped.  Known to have the best reliability over temperature in the industry, Finisar’s VCSEL technology is both flexible and scalable, enabling OEMs to customize VCSEL arrays to meet application requirements while still benefiting from Finisar’s high-volume economies of scale.

Products are available across a range of wavelengths from 780 to 1000 nm with support for multimode fibre and highly reliable bidirectional links supporting data rates up to 25 Gbps.  High-power VCSEL arrays can provide more than 1 W of CW optical power to meet the needs of existing and emerging markets including datacomm, sensors, gesture recognition, and chip-to-chip interconnect.

As the largest supplier of VCSELs for datacomm applications, Finisar is uniquely positioned to provide cutting-edge technology, custom integration, in-house packaging, and long-term stability of supply unparalleled in the industry.  VCSELs are available as component dies that can be mounted directly on printed circuit boards or as vertically integrated solutions in custom packaging complete with control electronics such as photodiodes, drivers, TIAs, and signal controllers.

Finisar continues to make substantial investment in VCSEL technology.  For example, Finisar recently worked with IBM to demonstrate direct modulation of VCSELs at greater than 50 Gbps .  The company’s roadmap includes extending available wavelengths to increase the types of sensing applications that can be supported, raising maximum power output and efficiency, and enabling greater levels of VCSEL integration with components such as photodiodes and lenses.

Finisar is a global manufacturer with locations in the US, Malaysia, China, Israel, and Australia and can serve as one-stop optical supplier, depending upon the application.  To further accelerate development of its customers’ applications, Finisar is partnering with other industry leaders to create fully integrated solutions with reference designs for a wide range of data and sensing applications.